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Obtaining Texas health insurance for students is a very important consideration in making plans for higher education. Going away to college is an exciting time for most students. They buy bedding, books and other necessary supplies for school but what about health insurance?

Oftentimes, insurance for students is provided through an insurance company selected by the school and is a type of group insurance. The services covered in the plan are also selected by the school. Services vary from school to school and from one area of Texas to another, and are often performed at the school health center. Some students choose to keep their health insurance under their parents while others choose to purchase student health insurance through the school they attend.

What Does Texas Student Health Insurance Include?

Office visits at the school health center are usually free. Many times, x-rays, lab work, minor emergencies, and other services are also free or at low cost. Because there are so many variances among schools in what their insurance will cover, it is best to closely study the policy at the school you go to.

Questions To Ask When Evaluating Options In Texas Student Health Insurance

If you are considering purchasing Texas student health insurance then it is important to look at your current health plan to see if the services they offer will meet your needs while you are at school.

Does my plan have local and national doctors available?

If your current plan does not easily provide care for you in the city where your school is it may be beneficial to switch to student insurance at your school. Examine your Texas health insurance plans network of medical providers closely.

Does my plan provide non-emergency care when I am away from home? 

If your current health care plan makes it difficult to get care when you are away from home you may want to consider changing to a separate Texas student health insurance policy.

Does my plan provide medical evacuation coverage in case I am traveling and need to be transferred to another location?

TX student health insurance can meet these needs if your current health insurance plan does not.

Do I need a referral before I can access care?

If your current plan requires a referral to access care it may be easier to purchase a student health care plan.

Do I need long term health coverage?

If you are just looking for Texas short term health insurance coverage than student coverage may be right for you. However, be very careful about choosing a Texas short term health insurance plan instead of a permanent health plan unless you know for sure that you will receive health benefits in the future (i.e. guaranteed group health coverage through a future job or something besides Texas individual health insurance where you must be somewhat healthy to be eligible for coverage).

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Texas student health insurance is for individuals whose current health care plan may not be the easiest or best health care plan for while they are at school. It is also a good option for those looking for Texas short term health insurance coverage that will meet their needs through the transition period of college. Check with your school to see what options they offer in their student health insurance coverage and if they are right for you.

Student coverage has its pros and cons and it is important to check your current health care coverage to see if it will meet your needs while you are away from home at school. If you choose to purchase student health care coverage then make sure your school offers the options you need.

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