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Texas individual health insurance rates are much lower than Texas group health insurance rates. Even plans from the exact same insurance company will be much cheaper on the individual side than the group. Why is this? There are differences in underwriting that cause group health plan premiums to be approximately 2 to 3 times the cost of a comparable Texas individual health insurance plan.

3 Ways To Find Cheap Individual Health Insurance In Texas

Finding a low cost and affordable TX individual health insurance plan is quite easy if you follow these 3 quick steps:

1. Review your policy annually. Texas rates are constantly changing and your health insurance needs will change over time as well. Re-evaluate every year.

2. Speak with an independent Texas health insurance agent. Speak with an agent that can show you quotes from multiple insurance companies.

3. Compare free Texas quotes side by side. Save time and money shopping for Texas health insurance. Use our free independent quote tool to request free Texas health insurance quotes now!

Texas Individual Health Insurance Companies

The Texas individual health insurance market is flush with top health insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, UniCare of Texas, United Healthcare of Texas, Aetna of Texas, Humana of Texas, PacifiCare of Texas and many more. The choices may seem overwhelming but do your research and take advantage of the tools that are available to you and your Texas individual health insurance search will be a snap!

Texas individual health insurance is different from Texas group health insurance in that most companies will have questions on the application for individual health concerning your health history going back 10 years. On the individual side most TX companies will scrutinize your health history for pre-existing conditions and will underwrite you based on your health history.

This is opposed to the group health approach where the health insurance company will not closely scrutinize your health history but will underwrite your group as a whole. It follows then that individual health insurance in Texas is much cheaper than group because of this difference in underwriting.

Texas individual health insurance is very affordable for individuals, families, and the self employed. However, keep in mind that the rates are based on your home residence zip code. Thus, some companies are more competitive in certain areas of TX as opposed to others. Always compare quotes from multiple companies side by side to be sure that you are receiving the best value.

Texas individual health insurance companies can vary in reputation quite a bit as well. Be sure to research any health insurance company that you have never heard of and consult an independent agent that can offer you objective advice. For the most part you will want to stick with a well-known and reputable company like United Healthcare of Texas, Aetna of Texas, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, UniCare of Texas, Humana of Texas, and PacifiCare of Texas.

Texas Individual Health Insurance Agents

Texas individual health insurance agents can be categorized into two main categories: Independent Health Insurance Agents and Captive Health Insurance Agents. You will want to make sure that you enlist the help of an independent agent/broker rather than a captive agent as Texas independent agents can work with multiple companies and “shop” quotes for you to find you the best value in a policy where a captive agent can only work with one health insurance Company.

Texas Individual Health Insurance Options 

Texas individual health insurance options are increasing with the lack of available TX group health insurance through more traditional means like through your employer.  Individuals have to explore their options more thoroughly to detail a plan to suit their individual needs.  All of the options that are available through a group policy may not be necessary for an individual.

Individuals have more flexibility and choices when it comes to choosing a plan.  At the same time individuals can even participate in plans that groups participate in with less comprehensive coverage.  Even short term and supplemental health insurance options have increased with the decline of employer sponsored Texas health insurance plans.

Texas Individual Health Insurance Plans

Texas Individual Health Insurance Plans resemble group plans; although, individuals have more options because of the different needs involved with individual situations.  For instance, an individual may only need a short term plan. Short term plans are good for:

  • College Students
  • Those Between Jobs

Short term health insurance plans are renewable up to 3 years.  COBRA is an example of a short term plan for employees between jobs.  Supplemental plans are geared towards individuals as well, such as:

  • Accidental death or dismemberment
  • Major injury supplemental income; i.e. AFLAC
  • Medigap for Medicare recipients

Discount plans are popular options for individuals also, for example:

  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Vision Care Plans
  • Chiropractic Plans
  • Dental Plans

Individuals also have access to HMO’s and PPO’s, which are health maintenance organizations where preferred providers are used for health care.  These options keep premiums at a minimum, but some individuals prefer the freedom to choose their provider; therefore, traditional fee for service and point of service plans are popular among individuals.

Another popular choice for individuals is HSA’s or Health Savings Accounts.  This type of plan allows individuals to establish an account to save high deductibles in exchange for low premiums.  These deductibles run from $2,000-$5,000.  

Affordable Texas Individual Health Insurance 

Texas individual health insurance can be affordable for those who qualify for assistance.  Unfortunately many families are “falling through the cracks” when it comes to affordable health care.  Families that are at least 200% below the poverty line are eligible for government assisted healthcare through Medicaid.

Some individuals and their families qualify for state funded programs such as CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).  Then there are state funded programs for expectant mothers.  What about those who are over the highest qualifying amount, but do not make enough to afford Texas individual health care?

This is where doing research is very important.  You can save as much as %40 on coverage piecing your coverage together as per your personal need.  For example, a male would not need maternity benefits.  A health student with no regular prescriptions could get away with a discount prescription plan as a supplement to his or her medical plan.  High deductible options make premiums affordable as well.  This is where HSA’s are of benefit.

Texas Individual Health Insurance For Pre-Existing Conditions 

Preexisting conditions are something of concern with individuals.  If there are preexisting conditions and you are under COBRA there is a 63 day window since your last job and those 63 days count toward the 2 year waiting period required before preexisting conditions will be paid by your carrier.

For those individuals with preexisting conditions without previous insurance, there is a two year waiting period before your carrier will pay.  Some people try to get away with omitting a condition they know exist.  This act sets you up for claim denial.  

Compare Texas Individual Health Insurance Quotes Now!

When obtaining a Texas individual health insurance quote, several qualifying and indicative questions are asked.  Your answers will indicate whether you are likely to have a claim.  This determination is called underwriting.   Your answers will also determine your rate.  Reasons your premium might be higher include:

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Preexisting conditions
  • Where you live

The best way to compare your individual options is by using our free Texas health insurance quote tool at the top of the page.  Online you can piece together your needs versus making phone calls to what’s available in you local phone book.

To begin your search for a Texas individual health insurance quote, click on the quote tool at the top of this page and you can compare quotes from top medical insurance companies side by side.

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