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The easiest way to obtain Texas health insurance quotes is by requesting quotes online. Why is this? Almost all Texas health insurance companies offer online rate quotes and if you use our free Texas quote finder you can compare all of the top companies in your zip code side by side!

Yes, you could spend hours typing in information at each company’s website and then spend a few more hours trying to sort all of the information in order to make a comparison but why take all of that time when the Internet can help simplify the process?

In the past, just getting a personalized Texas quote with some concrete numbers meant scheduling an appointment with an insurance agent and then traveling to an office to look at proposals. Now in less time than it takes to take the trash out to the curb you can get Texas insurance quotes from the comfort of your own home or office. Take a few moments now and request free Texas health insurance quotes!

Top Insurers Offering Texas Medical Insurance Quotes

It’s good to be a conscientious consumer when obtaining a Texas Health Insurance Quote.  You have your traditional routes of obtaining a quote by telephone and that is ok, but you should not stop there.  Health insurance for TX residents is offered by a lot of providers, and getting a few quotes for comparison will let you know your choices. Your major health insurance carriers in TX are:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
  • UniCare
  • Aetna
  • United Health Care/Golden Rule
  • United Health Care/PacifiCare
  • Humana One

These companies have a lot of advertising dollars to market their insurance products via any media vehicle possible.  The reason is because they collect premiums from markets in several states.  Mid-sized and smaller insurance agents are going to choose the most popular media vehicles to get the word out.

Online Texas Health Insurance Quotes

Online is the most popular way to obtain a Texas Health Insurance Quote.  As a result most insurance agents and carriers advertise on the internet.  In addition to a Texas Health Insurance Quote, you can get information on your options.  Here are some tips on getting an online quote for Texas Health Insurance.

  • Determine what your needs are as an individual, family, or group.
  • It is good to get at least three quotes.
  • Mix it up a bit – Small, medium & large insurance carriers or agents.
  • Once a small, medium, or large carrier or agent is selected then compare with other comparable sized companies, you’ll find the rates to fluctuate depending on your needs.
  • Insist on looking at the most affordable way to fill your needs.
  • Be honest in answering pre-qualifying questions (to prevent claim denial later).
  • Check each company’s financial stability with an independent auditor like A.M. Best

In making your final online selections once you have found a good rate, it is good to look at:

  • Convenience – Does it have online maintenance?  Can make my payment online?  Does it have a Texas location I can go to for face to face issues?
  • Customer Service – How is the customer service?  Can I communicate with a live agent online?
  • Products – Do the products or plans meet your needs and/or the needs of your family?   Can you mix and match to eliminate unnecessary benefits?  Does it have wellness (preventive benefits)?  These benefits include mammograms, pap smears, and prostate exams.

A Texas Health Insurance Quote From A Small Company vs. A Large Company 

Choosing a small company versus a large Texas health insurance company will depend on the factors you assess.  There are several things you should look for before making that final decision.  The factors that affect your premium and coverage needs are not the only factors to be concerned with.  There are things to consider about the company itself.

Most people feel like if it is a recognizable name they will be covered in catastrophic situation.  You really have to ask the following questions because unless you read the fine print it will not jump out at you:

  • What is the maximum payout they will make in a year in a catastrophe?
  • What are the maximum medical payments they will make in a lifetime for one insured individual?
  • Is the company financially secure enough to sustain numerous claim payouts without going bankrupt?
  • Does the agent represent one company or several companies?
  • Does the policy have any procedure limits?

The Face To Face Texas Health Insurance Quote

A lot of times with groups, the agent wants to come and give a face to face Texas health insurance quote.  This is not necessarily the best way to determine your needs and make the best choices for you and your employees.

Keep in mind the agent wants your business.  Not only does he or she want your business, but they want to make the highest commission possible from your company.

Groups and individuals need to beware of anyone who pressures them into making an on- the-spot decision.  You should be comfortable when analyzing your options.

You can be guided through the process of getting a Texas health insurance quote right now while sitting in front of your computer by clicking on the quote tool at the top of this page to start.

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Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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