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Texas Health Insurance FAQ

A list of Texas health insurance FAQ is a great way to have commonly asked questions answered immediately.  A lot of informational sites will have a list of FAQ for those who want to be informed.  FAQ lists also minimize the number of emails and phone calls to answer, so the insurers can focus on getting you the best quote possible on your health insurance in Texas. 

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #1 – What Is The Purpose Of An HMO?

An HMO is a health maintenance organization who manages the cost of usual and customary medical services.  They also determine which procedures or specialty doctor visits are necessary and unnecessary.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #2 – What Is The Purpose Of A PPO? 

A preferred provider organization works almost like a health maintenance organization using a network of providers who agree to accept a certain amount for medical services rendered.  The PPO also controls the cost of health care.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #3 – What Is A Health Savings Account? 

A health savings account is offered to subscribers as a way for subscribers to be more cost conscious and contribute to their own expenses who have high deductibles, or who want to save for auxiliary charges not covered by their insurance. There are many tax advantages to having an HSA.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #4 – What If My HMO Declines Services Or Prescriptions I Feel Are Necessary? 

Everyone has the right to an appeal process which begins internally through your HMO’s utilization review board.  Then, if you do not come to a reasonable resolution, you may contact the Texas Department of Insurance.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #6 – Where Do I File A Complaint Against My Texas Health Insurance Carrier? 

Complaints may also be filed with the Texas Department of Insurance.  They accept complaints related to unlawful practices exercised by any company licensed to do business in the state of Texas.  Hence, it is best to do business with local carriers. 

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #7 – Why Aren’t Texas Health Insurance Discount Plans Considered Insurance? 

Discount plans do not pay for medical services rendered.  They offer a list of providers who offer discounts to those participating in the discount plan.  To participate, you pay a fee and receive a discount card.  You may want to check out the list of providers offered.  They are usually limited.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #8 – Where Can I Obtain An Affordable Texas Health Insurance Quote?

If you fall in the low income bracket, the first resource I would investigate is any Texas government subsidized health insurance plan.  Most states have government subsidized plans for children and expectant mothers.  No matter what your income level is you will want to use our free Texas health insurance quote finder at the top of the page to compare rates from top insurance companies online to find the best deal.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #9 – Is It Better To Get My Texas Health Insurance Quote Directly From The Company Or Through A Broker?

It really does not matter whether you get your quote directly from the company or through a broker, as based on the underwriter’s assessment your quote is going to be the same.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #10 – Will My Company Save Money On Our Texas Group Health Insurance If We Incorporate A Wellness Plan? 

Yes, this is just one way your company can save money in employee premiums.  You can even modify your plan to include preventive screening.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #11 – Can I Be Dropped From My Company’s Texas Group Health Insurance Plan Because Of My Pre-Existing Condition? 

The beauty of a Texas group health insurance policy is that there is guaranteed acceptance.  The cost of premiums allow for a high risk pool.  In addition, it is unlawful in the state of Texas for an insurance company to isolate and refuse any employee of a company paying premiums as a group. 

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #12 – Where Can I Find Short Term Texas Health Insurance If I’m Pregnant? 

A popular short term Texas health insurance policy to have if you’re pregnant is Maternity Card or Maternity Advantage.  The idea is to find a short term plan of its type to provide prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care as well as medications.  These plans usually span 12 months.  

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #13 – What About Texas Health Insurance While I Wait On Open Enrollment On My Job?

A short term policy would be a good choice in this instance. The general rule of thumb for purchasing a TX short term health insurance policy is that you should only purchase one when you know for sure that you will have a permanent policy kicking in at some point in the future.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #14 – What Is A Self Funded Texas Health Insurance Plan? 

This is when a company pays the medical expenses of its employees rather then having the expenses paid through an insurance company or HMO.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #15 – What Is The Average Cost Of A Texas Health Insurance Plan? 

The average cost of a Texas health insurance plan is between $300-$400 per month and $4,000-$5,000 per year for a family.  An individual plan averages about a third of a group plan.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #16 – How Do I Obtain Affordable Texas Health Insurance If I Have A Pre-Existing Condition? 

There are still options for people with preexisting conditions who do not currently have Texas health insurance.  People with preexisting conditions may participate in high risk pools which are the same as affiliating with a group.  Then there are community based and non-profit organizations that provide medical assistance for specific conditions.  High deductible plans are another option.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #17 – What Is A MEWA With Regard To Texas Health Insurance? 

MEWA stands for multiple employers’ welfare arrangement.  This is an economical way for small to medium sized business especially with only a couple of employees to combine resources for a group plan to make Texas health insurance available to their employees.

Texas Health Insurance FAQ #18 – What Is A Texas Health Insurance Plan Using HRAs? 

Health reimbursement arrangements or HRAs are a form of Texas health insurance plans that provide an arrangement and account with subscribers to be reimbursed for qualified medical services incurred.  Third parties are also involved as an objective to qualify expenses for reimbursement.

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